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Urban Alliance

The Urban Alliance is a research partnership between the City of Calgary and University of Calgary, created in 2007 to encourage and coordinate the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between the University and the City - for the benefit of all our communities. The senior administrations of both organizations are deeply committed to the success of the Alliance. The Urban Alliance is a prime example and vehicle for one of the three foundational commitments of the Eyes High vision, to fully integrate the University with the community. The City sees the Alliance as playing a key role in realizing its long-term priorities and the imagineCALGARY vision.

Through the Alliance, both organizations pursue common interests in research, development and education relating to:

  • Finding excellent solutions to complex problems facing Calgary
  • Fostering world class research and innovation
  • Developing highly qualified personnel
  • Establishing flexible, cross discipline approaches
  • Energizing the relationship between University and City staff
  • Facilitating continuity of corporate memory, wisdom and experience
  • Realizing Calgary’s long term priorities and vision
  • Nurturing a long term partnership between the City and University


To win recognition as a "world class” university in a “world class” city ... through collaboration in municipal innovation, research and education that positions Calgary well for long term.

Visit the Urban Alliance website.

View an Information Handout about the Urban Alliance.