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Our Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan are the roadmaps to achieve our Eyes High goals.

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F or two years now, decision-making at the University of Calgary has been guided by the foundational commitments of the Eyes High strategic direction: sharpening our focus on research and scholarship, enriching the quality and breadth of learning, and fully integrating the university with the community. We are seeing examples every day, in every corner of our campuses, that we are coming together as one university family to achieve great things.

The unprecedented flooding in Calgary and southern Alberta in June showed the world the unique character of our city; in a situation of unbelievable loss and devastation, the people of this great place stood together, helping one another with a selflessness that inspired the province and the nation. The university community — students, faculty, staff and alumni — pitched in with enthusiasm.

Hundreds of displaced people and emergency workers were housed on campus in our residences and dozens of university volunteers collaborated to serve those impacted — from ensuring people had a safe, dry place to stay and access to medical care, to housing displaced pets and travelling into the worst-hit communities to provide whatever assistance was required, including collecting and sorting donations, digging out homes, and offering both comfort and hope during the chaos.

Recovery efforts are ongoing and the university community is playing a key role in getting the region back on its feet. Times of tragedy are often also opportunities for people to demonstrate true leadership and what matters most to them. This year, the members of our university family came together to show incredible caring, cooperation and commitment to the most fundamental of human values.

This report is a reflection and celebration of the past year’s activities and accomplishments, and a testament to the capabilities and dedication of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. It outlines measurable progress against our Eyes High goals, key deliverables associated with our two core roadmaps — the Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan produced last year — as well as dozens of examples of how this university has supported the growing intellectual, educational, economic and research needs of our community.

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