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Change Your Faculty, Program or Declare a Major

If you've completed at least one term at the University of Calgary, you can apply to change your program to:

  • Change your faculty
  • Pursue a different program within the same faculty  (degree, major, specialization)
  • Add a new degree, major, minor or concentration or specialization to your current program

To Change Your Faculty, Program or Declare a Major

Step 1

Meet with your faculty program advisor to discuss program requirements.

Step 2

In your Student Centre, under the "Admissions" header, select the “Change of Program” link. For detailed instructions, click here.

Change of program screen shot in Student Centre

Step 3

Complete the online application.

Change of Program decisions are made by the admitting faculty. If your Change of Program application is not accepted, you'll remain in your current faculty.

it's important to ensure you continue to meet all requirements for the new program.  Faculties may re-assess your academic standing at the end of the winter term.

Regulations and deadlines can be found in Section D of the University Calendar.