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Out of Province Student Loans

Student loans and grants are managed by each province. Eligibility is determined based on what province you are a resident of, not where you are attending school.

In which province should you apply for student loans?

Residency for Independent Students

Students who are 21 years of age or older; have been out of high school for more than four years; have been available for full-time work for at least two years since graduating high-school; are married/common-law; are divorced/separated/widowed; or have at least one dependent child are considered to be independent.

If you qualify as an independent student, you should apply for your student loans in the province where you:

  • have most recently lived for 12 consecutive months while not a full time post-secondary student, or
  • you currently reside if you have never lived in any other Canadian province for 12 consecutive months

Residency for Dependent Students

Students who do not meet any of the independent student eligibility are considered to be dependent students.

If you're a dependent student, you'll determine province of residency based on where you parent(s) reside.

Find more information about applying for student loans on your province's student aid website: