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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Faculty of Science 4. Program Details 4.3 Computer Science 4.3.2 BSc Major and Honours in Computer Science Internship Programs
4.3.2 BSc Major and Honours in Computer Science Internship Programs

The Internship programs in Computer Science are five-year (120 units or 20 full-course equivalents) degree programs that include a 12- or 16-month Internship period of supervised work experience.

Before starting their first Internship work period, students must meet the admission requirements specified in the Co-operative Education/Internship section of this Calendar. In addition, students must be Computer Science majors or Computer Science honours students, and must currently be taking and/or have completed between 90 and 105 units (15 and 17.5 full-course equivalents) appropriate to their degree program, including:

(a) Computer Science 313, 319 or 331, 355, 359 and Software Engineering 300 or 301

(b) At least one of Computer Science 349 or 449, 413 or 457

(c) Philosophy 279 or 377

(d) An additional 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) in the field of Computer Science, including 15 units (2.5 full-course equivalents) numbered 400 or above, and 3 units (0.5 full-course equivalent) numbered 300 or above.

Students should have a minimum grade point average of 2.50 calculated over the most recent course work to a maximum of 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents) at the time of application to the Internship Major program. Honours students in good standing at time of application will be admitted to the Internship Honours program.

Students who are very close to these admission criteria are also encouraged to apply; admission will be decided on a case by case basis.

Students must apply to the Undergraduate Science Centre prior to completing the admission requirements outlined above, and by the dates given below. Transcripts must show that the student is enrolled in any courses necessary to complete the admission requirements. Application dates are:

  • October 1 for a May 1 first Internship placement
  • May 1 for a September 1 first Internship placement
  • May 1 for a January 1 first Internship placement

Students in the BSc in Computer Science Internship program must meet all requirements for the BSc Major in Computer Science degree program. Students in the BSc Honours in Computer Science Internship program must meet all requirements for the BSc Honours in Computer Science program.

In addition to the above requirements, students must complete the following three courses (which represent the individual Internship work terms):

Students must take all their Internship work terms consecutively and be registered full-time. Upon completion of each Internship work term, the student must present a work term report to the Department of Computer Science Internship Representative. Reports and work terms are evaluated on a CR/F grade, based on job performance and completion of a work term report that meets the standards of the Department of Computer Science. Students should also be aware of the policy concerning course withdrawal, as specified in the Co-operative Education/Internship section of this Calendar.

For further details and information, see the Department of Computer Science web page (

Work Term Assessment

The mandatory work term courses, Internship 503.01, 503.02 and 503.03 and the additional course, Internship 503.04, are graded on a credit (CR) or fail (F) basis. A positive assessment requires satisfactory performance on each of the following items:

(a) The Internship Co-ordinator's evaluation of job performance, which is based on an on-site visit where practical.

(b) The employer's evaluation of job performance.

(c) The student's self-assessment of job performance and the overall job experience, which is normally based on participation in a debriefing or integrative session.

(d) A work term report prepared by the student and evaluated by the Faculty.


  • The Faculty may approve registration in Internship 503.04.
  • Students should consult the Computer Science Internship Co-ordinator and Co-operative Education and Internship Co-ordinator for program planning
Program Sequence

The Internship period, consisting of the consecutive Internship 503.01, 503.02, 503.03 and optional 503.04 Internship work terms, is normally taken shortly after completing the required courses as indicated above. This typically occurs after year three (minimum 90 units or 15.0 full-course equivalents) but before completing year four (maximum 105 units or 17.5 full-course equivalents).

The combination of Internship and study sessions will allow completion of the program in five years.