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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Faculty of Science 3. Faculty Regulations 3.6 Assessment
3.6 Assessment
A. Missed Components of Term Work

Any student who is absent from a test or fails to complete a laboratory assignment or similar work for legitimate reasons must discuss an alternative course of action with the instructor. The regulations covering such circumstances are outlined in the sections titled E.3 Attendance and G.7 Deferral of Term Work in the Academic Regulations section of this Calendar. Notification of such eventualities must be given to the instructor within 48 hours.

B. Deferral of Final Examinations

See G.6 in Academic Regulations for the general University regulations governing the deferral of final examinations.

In order to apply for a deferral of a final examination in a course taught by the Faculty of Science, students must pick up an application form at the Enrolment Services or download it from the Registrar's website at and submit the completed form with all supporting documentation to Student Enrolment Services. Students seeking a deferment of a final examination for medical reasons must accompany the application form with a completed Physician/Counsellor Statement form, which may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or may be downloaded from the Registrar's website. A medical certificate stating only that a student was seen by a physician is insufficient. Students are warned that trivial medical excuses also are insufficient and that their record of applications for previous medical deferrals will be checked when deferred privileges are applied for. Medical documentation that does not coincide precisely with the examination(s) missed will not be accepted.

Misreading the examination timetable is not a valid reason for requesting a deferred final examination.

In the event of foreseeable absence from a final examination, an application for a deferral must be made prior to the examination. In the event of an unforeseen need to be absent from such an examination, the Associate Dean (Undergraduate), or designate, should be notified as soon as possible and application made within 48 hours of the examination. Applications made after the deadlines printed in the Calendar will not be considered.

C. Supplemental Examinations

Supplemental examinations provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate competence in a course by re-writing the final examination. The primary goal is to allow students a chance to earn a "C-" grade in the course so they can use the course as a prerequisite. As such, if a student passes a supplemental examination, a "C-" will be the highest grade a student can achieve. If a student fails the supplementary examination, the original grade will stand.

Supplemental examinations are not available for all courses. Availability of supplemental exams is guaranteed only for courses that explicitly indicate on their official course outline that a supplementary examination is possible.


  • No more than two supplemental examination privileges, in any University of Calgary course, may be granted to a student in one academic year,
  • No more than four supplemental examination privileges will be granted to a student over their whole degree program.
  • Only one supplemental exam will be allowed per course.

Supplemental examinations will normally be offered at the same time as deferred final examination for that course, during Spring/Summer intersession, or block weeks. Supplementary examinations may be in a different format than the regular final examination but will cover the same course material as the regular final examination. Supplemental examinations are not normally allowed for deferred examinations. Exceptions require approval from the Dean or designate.

Supplemental exams do not replace the deferred examination process as outlined in section G.6 in Academic Regulations by meeting the criteria set out below.

You are eligible for a supplemental examination if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are in good academic standing,
  • You have earned a cumulative grade of "C-" or better on coursework (e.g. laboratories, assignments, mid-term examinations, quizzes), and
  • You achieved the minimum grade for any required term-work components as indicated on the course outline e.g. requirement to pass the lab component).

You are not eligible for a supplemental examination if you:

  • Have been previously allowed to write a supplementary examination for the course.
  • Earned a final grade greater than a "D+" in the course.
  • Did not write the final or an approved deferred final examination in the course.
  • Are on academic probation.
  • Were assigned a failing grade in the course due to academic misconduct.
  • Are a graduate student

Application Process:

Students who are eligible for a supplemental examination will be notified by the department offering the course. Students who indicate that they want to write the supplemental examination will be required to pay a $150.00 fee.