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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 International Foundations Program R.5 Program Structure R.5.3 IFP Bridging Stream
R.5.3 IFP Bridging Stream

Each Tier (1-3) consists of 13 weeks (approximately 208 hours) of classroom instruction, including formative and summative assessments. Students who place into IFP Bridging Tier 1 courses normally take one year to complete the entire IFP Bridging stream.

IFP Bridging students registered in all required IFP Tier 3 courses are permitted to register in one credit course per term with approval of the IFP Coordinator.

Students admitted to IFP Bridging must complete IFP Bridging and cannot submit English language proficiency scores for early exit from the program after the first day of IFP classes.

The following chart outlines the requirements for each Tier:

IFP Bridging – Course Sequence

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
IFPX 270
Academic Writing and Grammar I
IFPX 280
Academic Writing and Grammar II
IFPX 290
Academic Writing and Grammar III
IFPX 273
Reading Comprehension and Proficiency I
IFPX 283
Reading Comprehension and Proficiency II
IFPX 293
Reading Comprehension and Proficiency III
IFPX 277
Listening Comprehension and Oral Fluency I
IFPX 287
Listening Comprehension and Oral Fluency II
IFPX 297
Listening Comprehension and Oral Fluency III

All IFP Bridging students who achieve a grade of "C" or better in a course will be permitted to advance to the next course in the sequence. Students who achieve a grade of "C-" or lower in any course will be required to repeat that course. Students repeating courses will not have the original grade removed from the transcript. The transcript will indicate the grade for both the first attempt and the repeated course.

Before beginning any Tier 3 course, students must have completed all Tier 1 courses. Students are permitted to repeat any course. It is recommended that students seeking to repeat courses also speak to an IFP advisor.

Grades for IFP Bridging courses are not used in the calculation of grade point averages for academic programs. In addition, IFP Bridging courses may not be used for credit toward an academic program. Students are also advised that faculty requirements for continuation in an academic program may be significantly different than those for the IFP Bridging program. Students must refer to the appropriate program sections of this Calendar for specific promotion and graduation requirements.