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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Tuition and General Fees P.1.2 Graduate Tuition and General Fees P.1.2.2 Graduate Fee Regulations
P.1.2.2 Graduate Fee Regulations
Transfers between Course-based and Thesis-based Master’s Programs

Students transferring from a thesis-based route to a course-based route within a program will be assessed according to the tuition regulations for course-based programs from the first term of registration in the course-based program.

Students who have completed fewer than 18 units in a course-based route will be assessed full fees for one year from the date of transfer to a thesis route within the program. Annual continuing fees will be assessed for subsequent years. Students who complete 18 units or more in a course-based route will be assessed annual continuing fees from the date of transfer into a thesis-based route within the program.

Courses Taken Extra-to-Program

Students in a thesis-based or a course-based program who wish to take a course that is extra to their degree program will be assessed a regular course fee in addition to the regular graduate tuition assessment. For more information, see D.1 Registration in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Late Charges

Students who do not register by the posted deadline will be assessed a late registration fee of $60.00.

Students who make course changes (i.e., additions or substitutions) after the posted deadline will be assessed a fee of $60.00 for each Change of Registration form.

Leaders in Medicine

Leaders in Medicine students are permitted to register in both the MD and the graduate program simultaneously for one term for the purpose of taking the final examination without graduate fees being assessed.

Academic Staff, Post-doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars (Graduate Studies)

Academic Staff, Post-doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars (not to be interpreted as visiting students) are eligible to audit courses without payment of fees, and are not required to seek admission to the University, but must obtain written permission from the instructor of the course on a "Permission to Audit" form obtainable online from the Office of the Registrar ( Such audits will not be recorded on an official transcript. Academic staff and visiting scholars who wish to have an audit course recorded on an official transcript must pay the regular audit course fees.