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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Haskayne School of Business 4. Program Details 4.3 Combined Degrees
4.3 Combined Degrees
General Requirements

Students may elect to complete the Bachelor of Commerce degree in combination with another approved undergraduate degree. Five-year combined degree programs are sponsored jointly by the Haskayne School of Business and a second Faculty, and lead to two Bachelors' degrees awarded at the same convocation ceremony. The program is comprised of a minimum of 150 units (25.0 full-course equivalents), including all requirements of the two Faculties.

Early contact with the Undergraduate Programs Offices of the two Faculties ensures that admission and graduation requirements are met in a reasonable timeframe and within the minimum 150 units (25.0 full-course equivalents). Advisors are available to assist students with course planning and program details.

With the exception of the BSc (Engineering)/BComm degree which will be administered by the Schulich School of Engineering, combined degree students shall be registered under the Haskayne School of Business for administrative purposes.

Students may elect to remain in the combined degree or switch to either of the two separate degree programs, as long as the requirements of each Faculty continue to be met.

Failure to meet requirements will result in a student being required to withdraw from the combined or separate programs, as the case may be. The academic regulations of each Faculty concerning student standing and progression apply equally for combined degree students.

Any Bachelor of Commerce Concentration may be chosen in combination with those Majors listed below. Students wishing to also focus their non-commerce options in one area of study are cautioned that Minors in Economics, Statistics, Management and Society, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, and Workplace Learning are not permitted within the combined degree. Consultation with student advisors in the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office regarding choices for a Minor is required.

Admission Requirements

First year Engineering students wishing to enter the BSc (Engineering)/BComm program must apply for admission to the combined degree at the same time that the choice of a specific engineering major is made. Admission is highly competitive and based on the grade point average over all courses of the combined degree's First Year Curriculum. Supplemental criteria (in the form of a video presentation, letter of intent, essay, etc.) may also be required for admission consideration by the business school. Once admitted, students may complete Strategy and Global Management 217 immediately in the Spring Term before commencing their second year, or as part of their second year curriculum. Students are referred to the Schulich School of Engineering section of the Calendar for additional admission and program details.

Students wishing to embark on the courses leading to a combined degree other than the BSc (Engineering)/BComm, are strongly advised to make application to enter the five year program directly from high school in first year. Those that are not admissible or defer entering the Haskayne School of Business directly, may apply for combined degree admission in a subsequent year upon successful completion of a prescribed set of pre-commerce requirements. Fewer spaces exist for transfer entrance into the business school however, and students are cautioned that admission is competitive and subject to the cut-off grade point average being met.

Students already admitted into the Bachelor of Commerce and interested in transferring to a combined degree program, are required to submit a Change of Program application and meet the application deadlines and admission requirements of the intended second Faculty.

Unless otherwise noted, the admission criteria that apply to the singular Bachelors' degrees apply equally to the combined degree program. The admission grade point average may be higher, but never lower, than that required for the singular Bachelor of Commerce degree.