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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Who's Who The Senate
The Senate

Email: senate@ucalgary.ca

Web: http://www.senate.ucalgary.ca

The Post Secondary Learning Act 2003 states that it is the duty of the Senate to inquire into any matter that might benefit the University and enhance its position in the community.

The Senate also elects the Chancellor and authorizes the conferring of honorary degrees.

The Senate consists of the following:

Ex Officio Members: The chancellor who is chairperson, the president, the vice-president designated by the board, the chief student affairs officer, the director of continuing education, the president and vice-president of the Alumni Association.

Appointed Members: Two deans appointed by the Deans' Council, two members of the Board of Governors appointed by the Board, three members of the General Faculties Council appointed by the Council, two members of the Alumni Association appointed by the Association, nine members of the public appointed by the Minister, four students appointed by the Council of Students association, one graduate student appointed by the Graduate Students' Association, two non-academic staff members appointed by the non academic staff association.

Elected Members: Thirty representative members, elected by the Senate to represent, geographical areas and groups and organizations with an interest in the University.

In total there are 62 members of Senate, and currently a further 15 non-voting representatives of Faculties, Associations and Departments as noted below.

Chancellor: J. Cuthbertson

Interim President and Vice-Chancellor: W. Veale

Other Ex Officio Members: B. MacRae-Kilb, K. McKinnon, S. McLean, A. Tierney, C. Turner 

Appointed Members: L. Bailey, D. Dean, P. Farion, J. Gibbons, S. Grover, T. Hickerson, J. Huang, K. Jones, C. Kingston, R. Mabbott, A. Mackinnon, C. Magnes, J. Masters, T. McGovern, A. Mishra, A. Oppenheim, P. Pastewka, L. Penner, L. Potter, D. Prasow, G. Rogers, L. Sciban, K. She, D. Tapp

Elected Members: D. Bell, R. Breen, D. Cameron Dubuque, G. Currie, C. Dalton, G. Damian, T. Donnelly, D. Eisenstadt, F. George, R. Gilborn, C. Guichon-Pearce, Y. Kanji, J. LaFrenz, M. LaMontagne, R. Levant, J. MacLachlan, I. McLeod, , I. Minnifee, D. Painchaud, K. Pitaoulis, J. Romanchuk, T. Shandro, B. Singh Gill, J. Sokolosky, M. Starratt, P. Tuck, P. Uglow, P. Varshney, R. Wanner, P. Wickstrom, I. Winchester.

Non-Voting Representatives: P. Bowal, S. Crichton, J. Dugan, S. Fluker, M. Gavrilova, A. Hag, T. Keenan, D. Lai, D. Marcy-Edwards, J. Ruwanpura, R. Stamp, J. Vickers, A. Wall, J. Wheeler, R. Woodrow