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Copyright Update

Submitted by darmstro on Thu, 10/08/2015 - 3:11pm

Update - Sept. 8, 2016

The University of Calgary works to raise awareness of the Copyright Act and its regulations, fulfill our legal obligations set by the Act and protect the intellectual property that we both use and create on campus.

As an institution that manages its own copyright compliance and does not operate under a collective copyright licensing agreement, it is imperative that the University of Calgary community is compliant in all areas of copyright.  Our institutional copyright practices continue to be critically important, with a decision pending in the litigation against York University by Access Copyright and the forthcoming proposed review of the current copyright legislation. Faculty, staff and students must adhere to the University of Calgary’s policy on Acceptable Use of Material Protected by Copyright.

What does this mean to me?

All third party materials, with the exception of purchased texts and material covered by Copyright Act exceptions, must be reviewed by Libraries and Cultural Resources Copyright Office staff before they can be used in teaching. The Copyright Office can help you ensure that the educational exceptions are appropriately applied and will arrange for copyright permissions, as needed. Copyright automatically applies to all original works, regardless of whether they are electronic, sourced from the Internet or in print format.

What do I need to do?

Simply send your course materials to and visit the copyright website for more information. The Copyright Office will review and provide copyright clearance for your materials – a process that is usually completed within a few days.

It’s important to ensure that materials are reviewed each semester they are being used. Permissions need to be renewed and licensing agreements may have changed in the interim, so don’t assume that previously used materials are still cleared for use.

If you intend to use the same materials in your Fall 2016 course as in a previous semester, you only need to inform the Copyright Office that you are doing so. The Copyright Office has maintained a record of all materials cleared between Fall 2012 and Summer 2016. The Copyright Office will review the records of your readings and ensure that any necessary permissions are obtained and changes recorded.

Why should I do this?

It is essential that we are compliant in all areas of copyright, according to the Copyright Act, and to the decisions of the Supreme Court which have served to provide us more exceptions. Our mission is to mitigate risk to the University and members of the campus community so that we may continue to provide timely access to required material. We need all members of the University of Calgary to work towards this goal in order to avoid liability in the use of third party materials.