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PBSC Program Coordinators and On-site Supervisors at National Training Conference, May 12-15th 2016

What is Pro Bono Students Canada?

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is a national network of law schools and community organizations that match law students with public interest and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, tribunals and legal clinics during the academic year. PBSC is the only national organization of its kind in Canada with over 1600 volunteers spread across all 21 Canadian Law Faculties.

Developing a Pro Bono Ethic

The goal of PBSC is to provide much-needed services to underrepresented communities and organizations across Canada. Since its creation, PBSC has accomplished both of these goals and helped to enrich relationships among law schools, the profession, and disadvantaged communities. By exposing law students to the value of pro bono service, PBSC aims to encourage the next generation of lawyers to make pro bono service an everyday part of their practice.

How do Students Benefit from PBSC?

  • Develop practical legal skills working with international, national and community organizations.
  • Apply what you learn in the classroom to contribute to the development of a community or cause.
  • Explore a variety of legal issues and career options.
  • Network with members of the legal and public interest communities across Canada.

View our projects to see how you can become involved in representing clients in civil claims and human rights files, running educational workshops and presentations, researching practical legal issues, gaining experience in family law, and developing your legal skills.

How do Organizations Benefit from PBSC?

  • Gain access to highly skilled and committed volunteers.
  • Receive quality legal services for no cost.
  • Allows for underrepresented and disadvantaged communities to benefit from pro bono legal services.
  • Network with a diverse student body and create lasting professional relationships.

PBSC Calgary is grateful for the generous support we receive from our funders and partners: