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PRG and the transition away from fossil fuels

For some time we have been working on reduced emission to atmosphere recovery of energy from oil, gas and coal, both academically and via spin-off companies. Over the next few years we will phase that program out and focus increasingly on zero emission to atmosphere (ZETAR), recovery approaches for energy recovery from fossil fuels, that emit zero net CO2 through the full fuel cycle.

To reflect a change of focus and renewed effort to actually solve real problems, we have made a minor change to our logo, reflecting our new focus on this crucial transition in the world.

We are now just PRG and our new logo reflects the world in transition that we live in.
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Postdoctoral and PhD Candidate Positions at the University of Calgary

Appropriate strategies for production of electrical energy, directly from reservoirs, while leaving any produced CO2 in the ground (SYZYGY). Read more

Three Minute Thesis competition

Cast your vote to support Aprami Jaggi's presentation to win the People’s Choice Award before 26 May.

The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies in Ottawa is posting all competing national presentations until May 26. The judges will review the videos and decide the winner.

Aprami's talk is entitled The Ultimate Fate of Oil in the Marine Environment Following Spillage.

You can cast your vote for Aprami here:


Congratulations on successful presentations by our Masters Students
Tianxin Jiang and Jing Zhao

Three Minute Thesis competition

Many congratulations to Aprami Jaggi for winning the University of Calgary 2017 and Regional Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. Read more

In the Press

Graduate Student Aprami Jaggi Seeks Solution to World’s Clean Water Shortage

Read the latest article from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative featuring PRG Graduate Student Aprami Jaggi and how her research is impacting solutions to water pollution problems.

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Latest News

New research shows native Alberta algae can help detoxify tailings ponds

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Research Highlights

RADAR Mode FTMS, Biogeochemical solutions to carbon management and solving the energy, environment, economy trilemma.

Two interesting research developments are reported in recent publications. One is the use of RADAR Mode FTMS for screening and novel compound detection of new potential paleoclimate molecular proxies (Radovic et al., 2015) and the second is a review of applications of biogeochemistry in heavy oilfields to solutions of carbon management issues and solving the energy trilemma (Head et al., 2014). This builds on the groups work of the last decade on subsurface biogeochemistry in oilfields.

The group recently also participated in a submission to the Alberta Climate Policy review panel on the suggestion of a large scale moonshot project to quickly move us away from business as usual fossil fuel use. Read More.

Radović JR, Silva RC, Snowdon R, Larter SR, Oldenburg TB. Rapid screening of glycerol ether lipid biomarkers in recent marine sediment using APPI-P FTICR-MS. Analytical chemistry. 2015 Dec.

Head, Ian M., Neil D. Gray, and Stephen R. Larter. "Life in the slow lane; biogeochemistry of biodegraded petroleum containing reservoirs and implications for energy recovery and carbon management." Frontiers in microbiology 5 (2014)


Innovation must become a pervasive part of our university culture.

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Rapidly Reducing emissions from Canada’s fossil fuel use-an innovation crisis! Read more

Why is the oil industry so conservative when dramatic technological change is needed? Read more

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