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Alberta Health Care (A.H.C.)

If your work permit is valid for at least 12 months, you and your dependents are eligible for coverage with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan which is the basic health insurance plan for all Albertans.  You are advised to apply immediately and will be covered as of the date of arrival if coming from outside of Canada..  If you are moving from another Canadian province, coverage will begin three months after the date you arrive in Alberta.  Your previous provincial health plan is expected to cover you for the first three months.  The application form can be downloaded from the Alberta Health and Wellness website.

Health care insurance is absolutely essential and you must either apply for it or show that you are covered under another plan.  The Alberta Health care plan covers visits to the doctor, lab costs, as well as hospital costs should you be admitted to the hospital or visit the Emergency department of a hospital.  It does not cover dentists, eyeglasses or prescription drugs. 

Alberta Health Care Application (click here

You can register for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage in person at one of several registry locations (click here)