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What Can I Do?


  • Treat homophobia and transgendered discrimination as seriously as you would racial discrimination or other forms of sexual harassment and act on them.
  • Let others know that innuendoes, jokes, and teasing based on sexual and gender diversity are unacceptable to you.
  • Support campus anti-discrimination efforts, e.g., the harassment policy and procedures, equity initiatives, and educational seminars.
  • Support bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgendered activities and orgaizations on campus (e.g., GLASS, Women's Resource Centre).
  • Report vandalism, threats or violence against bisexuals, gays, lesbians or transgenderd to Campus Security or the Sexual Harassment Office.
  • Be supportive of someone who is "coming out."


Action Others Have Taken:

Day of Silence


  • Don't assume that everyone is heterosexual.
  • Identify homophobia, heterosexism and transgendered discrimination as the problem, not a person's sexuality or gender identity.
  • Think about the similarities and differences between homophobia and transgendered discrimination and other forms of prejudice and discrimination (e.g., racism, sexism and ageism).
  • Consider the experiences of bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgendered people on campus.
  • Think about how sexual and gender prejudice affects your same-gender friendships and your cross-gender friendships.