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University of Calgary podcasts are available for students, prospective students, alumni, faculty and others to access public lectures, speaker series' and events from the U of C.

Recent U of C Podcasts

The Book of Negroes

Canadian author Lawrence Hill shares excerpts from his novel /The Book of Negros/ and insights into the issues of culture, identity and inclusion. Hailed by the Globe and Mail as “a masterpiece, daring and impressive in its geographic, historical and human reach,” Lawrence’s novel examines the history of British slavery and liberation through one remarkable woman’s tale of survival and migration from an African village to a plantation in the southern U.S., from the Halifax docks to the manor houses of London, England in the 18^th century.

Strategies for Combating School Bullying

Dr. Tanya Beran, professor in the Applied Psychology Division of the Faculty of Education, discusses current issues around school bullying, including the rise of cyberbullying. Beran shares her findings on the causes and effects of bullying and shares strategies on how parents can help their children.
Recorded January 31, 2007

Educational Leadership for Social Justice: Substance over Style?

Dr. Pam Bishop, associate professor in the Faculty of Education, looks at the moral need for today’s school leaders to tackle challenges in their work so that issues of poverty, racism, classism and other marginalizing systems can be undermined. Bishop makes a case for an inclusive style of educational leadership founded on a sharp yet compassionate view of institutional and social justices and injustices.
Recorded February 9, 2007

Case Study Research:
Ethics, Expertise, and Excitement

Dr. Pam Bishop, associate professor in the Faculty of Education, looks back over 15 years of case studies she has conducted to highlight ethical dilemmas, participant risk management strategies and some exciting aspects of case work in a presentation that will interest both new and experienced researchers.
Recorded March 2, 2007

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