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Dr Quentin Pittman

Quentin J Pittman, PhD., FRSC

AHFMR Medical Scientist
Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Calgary
Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Snyder Institute for Chronic Disease, Alberta Children's Hospital
Research Institute
Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Alberta

Educational Background:

BA (Biology) University of Lethbridge
PhD (Medical Science) University of Calgary
Postdoctoral Fellowship- McGill University
Postdoctoral Fellowship- Salk Institute

What we do:

Our lab has several research interests and employs multiple approaches to investigate neuronal function at levels ranging from the entire organism to the single cell. We benefit from numerous collaborations with colleagues in nearby laboratories.

We carry out patch clamp voltage recording in brain slices where we focus on the synaptic pharmacology of important endocrine and autonomic nuclei in the hypothalamus, brain stem and limbic system.

We study the influence of inflammation of either the pregnant mother or of the pups on adult behavior, physiology, and pharmacology. Approaches include behavioral and EEG analysis, Western blot and ELISA measurements of numerous synaptic proteins, quantitative PCR, immunohistochemistry and patch clamp recordings in brain slices.

We study febrile seizures and their long term effects.

We are interested in the mechanisms underlying co-morbid behaviors during inflammatory disease, thus we utilize animal models of colitis, Multiple Sclerosis and liver disease to explore difference in neuronal function in these disease models.

About me:

I live in Calgary because it is a city that offers a rich entertainment scene and I take advantage of this by attending numerous theatre, dance, and music offerings. However, even these take second place to the nearby mountains where I hike, cycle, and back pack in the summer and downhill, backcountry, and cross country ski in the winter.

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