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The Public Interest Law Clinic course offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on litigation and law reform experience in relation to a wide variety of public interest issues, all while earning academic credit.

PILC is a legal clinic at the University of Calgary designed to take on precedent-setting cases that will benefit Alberta’s vulnerable communities and the environment. Students in the course will spend the academic year working on clinic projects and learning about public interest lawyering. One example of Clinic students’ work involves addressing tenants’ rights issues in Alberta. As part of this project, Clinic students have been working to gather stories from current and former tenants of public and subsidized housing who have experienced discrimination or unfair practices. These stories will be used to create policy recommendations that the Clinic intends to present to landlords and government officials.  Potential projects for the coming year also include helping to create and implement an effective system to prevent jail time for unpaid bylaw tickets.  On the environmental side of things, clinical matters will include work with an environmental NGO in developing and pursuing legal strategies to protect critical habitat for the Alberta population of westslope cutthroat trout and participating in environmental legislative reform at both the federal and provincial levels.  In addition to these existing projects, students will also be able to participate extensively in creating new projects by researching and drafting project proposals.

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