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Information for Tenants

Human Rights Housing Project – Information for Potential Clients

Who We Are

The Public Interest Law Clinic (PILC) was founded in 2015 with a gift from the Peacock Family Foundation.

Professors at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law supervise the second and third year law students who volunteer with PILC. The students provide legal information to clients of the clinic, both individuals and organizations. PILC’s work focuses on addressing legal issues with possible solutions that will bring positive change for a large number of people and remove barriers to accessing the legal system. PILC also supports changes to law and policy that will help create a fairer legal system.

What We Are Doing

Human Rights Housing Project

PILC is currently examining tenants’ rights issues facing Calgarians who have little to no income. This project focuses on addressing human rights concerns for tenants in public and subsidized housing.

You Should Contact Us If:

  • You are a current or former tenant of public or subsidized housing 
  • You feel that you have been treated in an unfair or discriminatory way by your landlord. For example:
    • Your landlord has ended or changed your lease without your consent.
    • A specific policy or procedure set by your landlord is creating hardship for you or your family.

What Will Happen When You Contact Us

  • A student from PILC will set up an interview with you, either in person or over the phone. You and the student will discuss whether PILC can help you with your issue.
  • If your issue falls within the focus of the Human Rights Housing Project:
    • You will be asked to sign a Permission to Gather and Release Information Form.
    • The student(s) will ask you to share your public and subsidized housing experiences with the clinic, and will also ask you why you feel that you have been treated unfairly.
    • PILC will help identify potential solutions for your problems with your landlord.
    • PILC will use themes or central issues from your story in a report about possible policy changes that will improve the lives of tenants in public and subsidized housing.

Will Your Identity Be Kept Confidential?

Yes. PILC keeps all clients and their matters private. Generally, PILC will not share information with any individual or organization outside of PILC. If PILC believes that your information should be shared with someone else, we will ask your permission first. If you choose to share your story with PILC, we will remove details about your personal identity or any part of your story that may identify you before including them in our policy report. 

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