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Human Rights Housing Project – Information for Potential Collaborators

Who We Are

The Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary recently launched the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILC). PILC enables second and third year students, operating under the supervision of professors from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law, to provide legal assistance to selected individuals and organizations. Students at the clinic focus on tackling systemic issues that affect large groups of people.

PILC facilitates access to justice, supports litigation on public interest issues, advocates for law reform, and provides law students with experiential learning opportunities, all while serving clients who face challenges in the areas of public health, human rights, equality, and environmental law.

What We Are Doing

PILC is currently focusing on tenants’ rights issues affecting vulnerable Calgarians. This project involves addressing the human rights concerns of tenants in public and subsidized housing. Our first step is to contact individuals who might be willing to share their difficult experiences with landlords of public and subsidized housing. To that end, we are reaching out to NGOs who may be able to connect us with these individuals. We plan to then compile these stories and use them to approach the landlords to discuss recurring issues and potential mechanisms for resolution. Following that conversation, PILC may also contact city councillors, executive board members, or other officials in public housing who can create law reform and change discriminatory practices.

How You Can Help

PILC would like to collaborate with NGOs that are already working with low- or no-income clients, as these clients are more likely to have had difficult experiences with public and subsidized housing. PILC would like these NGOs to raise awareness about this project by making project information sheets available to clients and, when appropriate, refer clients who have had difficult experiences with public or subsidized housing to PILC.


PILC will keep all clients and their matters confidential. Information will not be shared with any individual or organization outside of PILC. Should PILC believe that information should be shared, this will only happen with the clients’ permission.

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