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Tenancy Rights

PILC has a dual focus on tenancy rights issues facing vulnerable Calgarians. One focus is on addressing human rights concerns for tenants in public and subsidized housing. The second area is addressing legislative reform.

PILC is gathering stories from current and former tenants of public and subsidized housing about discrimination or unfair practices experienced during their tenancies. PILC plans to meet with landlords of public and subsidized housing to discuss policy change, using these stories as anonymous examples to illustrate current issues.

PILC is looking for tenants of public or subsidized housing to share their experiences with us. For more information on the project and getting in touch with PILC, please see the Information for Tenants page.

PILC asks NGOs working with low- and no-income clients to create awareness about this project. PILC would like these NGOs to make our information sheets available to clients and, when appropriate, refer clients who have had difficult experiences with public or subsidized housing to PILC. For more information about collaborating with PILC on this project, please see the Information for Collaborators page.

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