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Who are we? 

  • The Public Interest Law Clinic (PILC) at the University of Calgary works in public interest law. We only work on projects that address systemic legal issues - the project must have the potential to affect a lot of people or change the law. 
  • We work on access to justice, human rights, equality, public health law, and environmental law. 
  • We try to address systemic legal issues through the courts and administrative bodies (advocacy) and through the political process (law reform). 
  • We provide free legal assistance and representation to people and organizations who cannot pay for a lawyer and who are dealing with public interest legal issues. 
  • We also work with individuals and organizations on public interest law reform projects. 
  • PILC services are provided by second and third year law students at the University of Calgary who are taking the PILC class. These students are supervised by law professors and the clinic’s Executive Director. 
  • Because we are a small organization, we cannot accept everyone as a client. The Advisory Committee decides which cases we will accept. 
  • PILC was founded in 2015 with a generous gift from the Peacock Family Foundation.
  • PILC brought together the mandates of the pre-existing Environmental Law Clinic and the Constitutional Law Clinic.

What services do we provide? 

For public interest law issues that are systemic (affecting many people) we provide the following free services: 

  • Legal advice: We can help answer your legal questions. 
  • Legal representation: We will represent you in court or before an administrative body (like the National Energy Board). 
  • Law reform projects: We will work with you on a project to change the law through the political process. 
  • Publications: We also write blog posts, Op-Eds and articles.

How much will it cost? 

  • The PILC does not charge money for its work.

How do I become a client? 

  • First, please see the information on becoming a client by clicking here.
  • Then, if you are interested in becoming a client, please contact the clinic at 403.220.4814 or
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone as a client. The Advisory Committee must approve your case before you become a clinic client.

How do I become a clinic student? 

  • First, you need to become a University of Calgary law student! Click here for information on admissions. 
  • Then, you can apply to take the Public Interest Law Clinical course in your second or third year. Click here for course and registration information.
  • When resources and capacity allow, the clinic hires Summer Students and Articling Students. Contact us for current opportunities.

What is the structure of the clinic?

  • The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the clinic, all clinic files, and clinic staff.
  • The Staff Lawyer managers active files, develops potential files, and assists clinic students with their work.
  • The Advisory Committee oversees clinic policy, guides its activities and decides which cases the clinic will take.
  • Clinic Students provide legal services to clinic clients under the supervision of the Executive Director and Staff Lawyer. 


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