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2020 Vision for Humanity











2020 Vision for Humanity: toward human security worldwide

A Symposium on November 2, 2013, Calgary, Alberta

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Call for Abstracts

 In keeping with the multi-disciplinary nature of our symposium, we invite submissions for research abstracts from academics, graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, journalists, lawyers, conflict resolution specialists; and from representatives of NGOs with an interest in peace and development issues, global democracy and citizenship, building a healthier global community, creating a culture of peace (as defined by UNESCO), human rights and security issues, conflict resolution, and nuclear disarmament.


Themes and Topics for Consideration

 The following broad themes or topics should be regarded as suggestions for the kinds of issues the symposium organizers would like to see addressed. This is not an exhaustive list and includes such topics as: armed conflict resolution; nuclear disarmament; post-conflict development; gender issues; how moving beyond a fear culture is necessary for a society based on equity and freedom; peace-building, global citizenship, human rights, intercultural / interreligious explorations, democracy and the global order, best practices, success stories, and capacity building.

Volunteer Opportunities for the Symposium

Contact Saima Jamal at if you are interested to join the working committee for this symposium or to volunteer.

 Abstract Presentations:  Submission Guidelines 

  1. The working language of this symposium is English.
  2. Citation style must conform to the style guide of the American Psychological Association (APA).  An online version of the APA style guide is available at the following University of Calgary website:
  3. Persons wishing to make a submission are asked to submit an abstract of approximately 250 words and a short biography that should include their credentials and where applicable a representative sample of relevant publications.
  4. Submissions will be reviewed by the symposium committee to determine suitability for presentation. If you would prefer to present your abstract/paper in the form of a poster, please indicate this in your submission. If your abstract is selected for presentation, please advise the conference organizers of your technical requirements for your presentation; e.g. Powerpoint, or any condition that necessitates accommodation; e.g. visual impairment, hearing impairment or mobility challenge.
  5. Your abstract will be published in the symposium program and website. 
  6. Neither individual members of the symposium organizing committee nor the Consortium for Peace Studies or Project Ploughshares Calgary or Calgary Centre for Global Community assumes any liability for failure on the part of an author or poster submitter to conform to standards of academic integrity or the law of copyright; i.e. plagiarism, the unauthorized use of another’s work without proper citation or attribution, failure to obtain the consent of a co-author in the case where more than one person is responsible for creating the work at issue, or submitting a work that is subject to an exclusive publishing contract
  7. The deadline for submission of abstracts for paper proposals is September 15, 2013.  By September 25, you will be notified if your abstract has been accepted for a presentation. A submission should be sent electronically to the selection committee at with the subject title saying Abstract for 2020 Vision for Humanity.  Your submission will be acknowledged within 72 hrs of receipt. For more information about the Symposium please visit:

For Registration, please visit:

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