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Program Director: Dr. Leslie Hamilton
Assistant Program Director:  Dr. Lothar Resch
Program Administrator: Ms. Kristy Chisholm (403.944.4639)

For further information see also: CaRMS

The neuropathology program offers its trainees an exceptional opportunity for close interaction with the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and the Neuroscience Research Group, as well as with neuropathology faculty who are all based at the Foothills Medical Centre and the adjacent Health Sciences Centre. Faculty provide a neuropathological medico-legal and diagnostic consultation service for Alberta and adjacent areas of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Program Outline
The neuropathology training must include one year of basic clinical training. Our pre-specialty clinical year is designed to meet the requirements of our specialty program and, in addition, prepare the resident for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam, Part II.


Internal Medicine 8 weeks
ICU 4 weeks
General Surgery 4 weeks
Pediatrics 8 weeks
Obstetrics/Gynecology 4 weeks
Neuropathology 8 weeks
Neurology 4 weeks
Neurosurgery 4 weeks
Neuroradiology 4 weeks
Elective 4 weeks

A year of clinical training in an internal medicine training program is an acceptable option.

PGY 2 - 5
The initial year includes experience in general surgical, autopsy and forensic pathology. Expectations for neuropathology trainees are identical to those for first year anatomic pathology residents. Two of the three years of neuropathology training are spent acquiring, with carefully graded responsibility, specialty-specific, teaching and management skills. Trainees will also gain experience in neuropathological applications of new technology including immunopathology, molecular pathology, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and image analysis. The remaining year is an elective year which may be adapted to the interest and skills of the individual resident and may include service, clinical or research rotations.

There are active research programs in neuro-degenerative disorders, neuro-regeneration, cerebral ischemia and neuro-oncology. Active participation by trainees in one or another research program is strongly encouraged.

Selection Criteria
All selection to the program is through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Candidates must have:

  • An acceptable academic record which demonstrates special proficiency in those subjects related to the specialty;
  • A proven interest in the specialty demonstrated by electives in the specialty or related fields;
  • Candidates with an interest and proven experience in research, both in basic science and clinical research, are encouraged to apply.

Residency Training in Neuropathology