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Grounds for Appeal

Infraction tickets can be appealed on the basis of:

  1. Mechanical failure of a parking device but only if all devices within a lot have failed.
  2. A factual error in the issuing of a parking infraction, with regards to location, license plate number, or date and time.
  3. Genuine extenuating circumstances over which the appellant had no control

Appeals will not be accepted on tickets issued for:

  • Parking on roadways.
  • Parking in/blocking a fire lane, loading dock and/or no parking zone.
  • Failure to display a valid permit or purchased receipt from the pay machine.
  • Time on purchased receipt has expired.

If the infraction ticket meets one of the criteria listed above, the appeal process can be initiated.

  1. Tickets can be appealed within 7 calendar days of issuance without payment.
  2. Between 7 calendar days and 30 calendar days from issuance, ticket must be paid prior to appealing.
  3. 30 calendar days after infraction ticket has been issued, no appeal will be accepted.

A Notice of Objection form may be obtained from the Parking and Transportation Services Office or by printing off this form and faxing, scanning or mailing the completed form into our office, along with any supporting documentation.
Fax: (403) 210-2511
Mail:  1833 Crowchild Trail NW
          Calgary, AB, T2M 4S7

Note: The discount of $10.00 for payment within 7 days of the date of infraction is still applicable when filing a Notice of Objection.