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Gear Rentals

Booking Gear

Reserve Your Gear, call 220-5038

  • Book ahead: For the best selection and a faster pick-up—our system allows unlimited, advanced bookings
  • Deposit: Have a Visa or MasterCard ready (a non-refundable, half-day booking deposit is required to confirm bookings)
  • Sizing: Try on boots and clothing to ensure that the gear fits properly
  • Liability: Rental gear can be very valuable; please be aware that you are fully responsible for the gear in your possession—consider extending coverage on your home insurance to cover loss or damage
  • Did you know we rent gear to large groups? If you are planning an outing or a corporate group, club, school trip, guide/scouting outing or family event, call us first and we'll do the rest! 403-220-5038 or email

Pick-Up Your Gear

  • Access our FREE 15-minute loading zone (when issued free pass from Front Desk)
  • Bring Driver’s License (photo ID)

Rental Rates

  • All fees shown are per day; prices subject to change at the end of each season.
  • All course participants receive a 10% discount on rentals if gear not already included in course price.
  • Groups Deals: Large quantities of gear are available for scout, school and church groups. Receive a 10% not-for-profit rate!
  • U of C Students with valid UCID-receive 10% off gear rentals-everyday!
  • Valid Hostelling International Card Holders receive a 10% discount.

Multi-day Discounts

Days Rented Days Charged
1 Day Approximately 24 hr period depending on drop off time.
No advanced booking for mid-day pickups - 10am-5pm
Rafts 1 day 1 day rate is 8am pickup to 6pm drop off or earlier. 1
Weekend* Friday anytime to Monday anytime 2
Long Weekends* Friday anytime to Tuesday anytime 3
Week (7 days)* Pick up anytime on Day 1 and drop off anytime on Day 7 4
10 Days* Pick up anytime on Day 1 and drop off anytime on Day 10 5
2 Weeks* Pick up anytime on Day 1 and drop off anytime on Day 14 7

*If booked gear is a raft rental, return time is 6pm (not anytime).

Gear Rentals - All prices are $ per day unless otherwise specified.

See details and pricing for over 10,000 affordable equipment rental items available at our Rental Shop below.
Click on a heading to sort, or type in the search box to filter.

Item Category Price
2-person tent Campground Tents 15.00
4-person tent Campground Tents 19.00
6-person tent Campground Tents 24.00
1-person tent Backpack Tents (3-Season) 10.00
2-person tent Backpack Tents (3-Season) 18.00
3-person tent Backpack Tents (3-Season) 21.00
4-person tent Backpack Tents (3-Season) 24.00
2-person tent Expedition Tents (4-Season) 21.00
3-person tent Expedition Tents (4-Season) 23.00
4-person tent Expedition Tents (4-Season) 26.00
Canopy (10' x 10') Shelters 14.00
Tarps Shelters 10.00
Summer sleeping bag (to 0°C) Sleeping Gear 9.00
3-season sleeping bag (to -9°C) Sleeping Gear 10.00
4-season sleeping bag (to -20°C) Sleeping Gear 11.00
Sleeping bag liner Sleeping Gear 2.00
Camprest mat (long x 2") Sleeping Gear 5.00
Full-length Therm-a-rest mat Sleeping Gear 4.00
3/4 length (kid's) Therm-a-rest mat Sleeping Gear 3.00
Foam sleeping mat Sleeping Gear 2.00
Bivi sack Sleeping Gear 5.00
Backpack (60/70/80L) Backpacks 9.00
Day pack (40L) Backpacks 6.50
Child carrier pack Backpacks 6.00
2-burner camp stove Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 6.00
1-burner backpack stove Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 4.00
Pot set Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 5.00
Fuel bottle Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 2.00
Camp cooler (67L) Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 4.00
Camp cooler (100L) Camp Stove / Cooking Gear 6.00
Hiking boots Hiking / Clothing 9.00
Hiking poles Hiking / Clothing 3.00
Rain jacket or pants Hiking / Clothing 6.00
Shell jacket or pants Hiking / Clothing 10.00
Gaiters Hiking / Clothing 3.00
Insulated Gloves Hiking / Clothing 4.00
Trail / walking crampons Hiking / Clothing 4.00
Mountain bike (front suspension) Bicycles 32.00
XC full suspension bike Bicycles 40.00
Road bike Bicycles 30.00
Fat bike mountain bike Bicycles 32.00
Urban hybrid bike Bicycles 28.00
Tandem bicycle (for two) Bicycles 35.00
Bike trailer (2 children) Bicycles 14.00
Trail-a-bike (1 child) Bicycles 8.00
Bike helmet Bicycles 3.00
Bike lock Bicycles 3.00
Rear panniers Bicycles 5.00
Utility trailer Bicycles 75.00
Headlamp Navigation / Communication 2.50
Compass Navigation / Communication 2.50
GPS unit Navigation / Communication 8.00
Satellite phone (+ minutes) Navigation / Communication 20.00
Climbing package (shoes, harness, belay device, carabiner) Climbing wall use only Climbing 14.00
Rock shoes Climbing wall use only Climbing  7.00
Climbing harness Climbing 4.00
Chalk bag Climbing wall use only Climbing 1.00
Climbing helmet Climbing 4.00
ATC belay device Climbing wall use only Climbing 1.00
Locking carabiner Climbing wall use only Climbing 1.00
Canoe trailer (2" ball 6-8 canoes) Trailers & Car Racks 65.00
Raft large flatbed trailer Trailers & Car Racks 65.00
Enclosed utility trainer Trailers & Car Racks 75.00
Bike trunk rack (3 bikes) Trailers & Car Racks 6.00
Rooftop carrier box (250L) Trailers & Car Racks 15.00
Mountaineering boots Mountaineering & Glacier 15.00
Webbing harness Mountaineering & Glacier 4.00
Crampons (rigid or flexible) Mountaineering & Glacier 7.00
Mountaineering ice axe Mountaineering & Glacier 5.00
Climbing helmet Mountaineering & Glacier 4.00
Tripping canoe Canoes 24.00
Performance touring canoe Canoes 26.00
Whitewater tandem canoe Canoes 28.00
Whitewater solo canoe Canoes 22.00
Canoe paddle Canoes 3.00
Whitewater kayak package (kayak, paddle, spray deck, helmet and PFD) River Kayaks 33.00
Whitewater kayak River Kayaks 19.00
Recreational kayak River Kayaks 16.00
Kayak spray deck River Kayaks 4.00
Kayak paddle River Kayaks 4.00
Whitewater helmet River Kayaks 3.00
PFD (personal flotation device) River Kayaks 3.00
Inflatable SUP Board Stand-Up Paddle Boards 14.00
Rigid SUP Board Stand-Up Paddle Boards 18.00
Paddle Stand-Up Paddle Boards 5.00
River boogie board Stand-Up Paddle Boards 4.00
Plastic single sea kayak Sea Kayaks 18.00
Fibreglass single sea kayak Sea Kayaks 24.00
Plastic double sea kayak Sea Kayaks 20.00
Fibreglass double sea kayak Sea Kayaks 33.00
Sea kayak paddle Sea Kayaks 4.00
Sea kayak spray deck Sea Kayaks 4.00
PFD (personal flotation device) Paddling Accessories 3.00
Whitewater helmet Paddling Accessories 3.00
Dry-bags (sm, med, lg) Paddling Accessories 2.00
Dry-barrel (70 L) Paddling Accessories 5.00
Dry-barrel with harness Paddling Accessories 6.00
Rescue throw rope bag Paddling Accessories 2.50
Wetsuit (Farmer John/Jane) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 10.00
Youth wetsuit Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 6.00
Triathlon wetsuit (no sleeves) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 15.00
Wetsuit shorts (2mm) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 4.00
Wetsuit vest (2mm) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 4.00
Surfsuit (1-piece, short legs) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 6.00
Wetsuit boots (with sole 3mm) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 5.00
Wetsuit hood (2mm) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 2.00
Pogies (kayak paddle mitts) Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 2.00
Paddling jacket Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 5.00
Fishing waders Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 10.00
Wading boots Wetsuit & Paddle Gear 5.00
4-person floater raft Floater Rafts - Not for whitewater 45.00
6-person floater raft Floater Rafts - Not for whitewater 55.00
8-person floater raft Floater Rafts - Not for whitewater 75.00
10-person floater raft Floater Rafts - Not for whitewater 85.00
6-person whitewater raft Whitewater Rafts - Self bailing floor 85.00
8-person whitewater raft Whitewater Rafts - Self bailing floor 105.00
10-12-person whitewater raft Whitewater Rafts - Self bailing floor 145.00
Cataraft 14ft whitewater or fishing Rafts 45.00
Raft pump high-volume Rafts 6.00
Raft paddle Rafts 2.00
Raft life jacket (whitewater) Rafts 3.00
PFD (personal flotation device) Rafts 3.00
Whitewater helmet Rafts 3.00
Avalanche Digital transceiver - Batteries not included Avalanche Safety Gear 8.00
Avalanche Digital transceiver - Performance - Batteries not included Avalanche Safety Gear 10.00
Avalanche probe Avalanche Safety Gear 4.00
Snow shovel Avalanche Safety Gear 5.00
Snow saw Avalanche Safety Gear 2.50
Technical axe (adze) Ice Climbing 8.00
Technical axe (hammer) Ice Climbing 8.00
Webbing harness Ice Climbing 4.00
Ice climbing boots Ice Climbing 15.00
Technical ice crampons Ice Climbing 7.00
Climbing helmet Ice Climbing 4.00
Snowshoes Snowshoeing 12.00
Snow boots Snowshoeing 6.00
Ski poles (fixed length) Snowshoeing 2.00
Adjustable poles Snowshoeing 3.00
Shell jacket or pants Winter Clothing 10.00
Insulated ski jacket or pants Winter Clothing 10.00
Gloves Winter Clothing 5.00
No-wax XC ski package Cross-Country Skiing 17.00
Waxable XC ski package Cross-Country Skiing 17.00
Junior XC ski package Cross-Country Skiing 10.00
Jr. size XC season lease Cross-Country Skiing 180.00
Light metal edge XC skis Cross-Country Skiing 9.50
Light metal edge XC skis with skins Cross-Country Skiing 17.50
XC ski boots (NNN-II) Cross-Country Skiing 7.50
XC ski poles Cross-Country Skiing 2.00
Skate skis Cross-Country Skiing 9.50
Skate ski boots Cross-Country Skiing 8.00
Skate ski poles Cross-Country Skiing 2.50
Downhill skis Downhill Skiing 15.00
Ski boots Downhill Skiing 8.00
Ski poles Downhill Skiing 2.00
Ski/snowboard helmet Downhill Skiing 5.00
Junior downhill ski package Downhill Skiing 16.00
Jr. size downhill season lease Downhill Skiing 192.00
Snowboard package Snowboarding 30.00
Split board (with touring skins) Snowboarding 40.00
Snowboarding backcountry poles Snowboarding 3.00
Snowboard ski pack Snowboarding 6.50
Alpine touring skis & skins Backcountry Skiing 20.00
Alpine touring boots Backcountry Skiing 14.00
Dynafit Manaslu skis & skins Backcountry Skiing 22.00
Dynafit TLTS boots Backcountry Skiing 16.00
Wide telemark skis & skins Telemark Powder 19.00
Telemark boots Telemark Powder 14.00
Hockey skates Skates 10.00

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