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About The Outdoor Centre

The Outdoor Centre began in 1976 as a simple rental shop that was primarily focused on providing students camping and outdoor sports equipment at the lowest possible rate.

Over the years we’ve added rental equipment and programs and expanded our service to the public to the point of becoming the largest centre of its kind in North America. This year we’ll probably process about 22,000 rental orders and help over 10,000 clients enjoy over 30 unique activities or skills.

Our goal is to provide you the experience, knowledge, and equipment you need to make outdoor activity a regular part of your active lifestyle. With our experienced team of coordinators, and thousands of satisfied users every year we feel confident that we can provide you a excellent experience.

What makes us different than other guiding organizations?
Being a part of the University of Calgary keeps us focused on providing the solid education and training you need to become safe and skilled in the outdoors. While we do offer guided trips to support your learning, these are educational too, and you’ll walk away with more knowledge and skills than you entered with.    

Kurt Kinnear 
Outdoor Centre

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