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New MaPS Hire / Transfer Checklist

There is a lot of information to learn about the University of Calgary and your new role. The process of introducing you to key policies, procedures, systems, and processes required to do your job is referred to as "onboarding". Our goal is to provide you with the support, tools, and resources you need to be prepared and "Ready Day One".

To help you 'Get Prepared' before you arrive 'Get Started' during your first few days, and 'Get Productive' after you get going, we have included key information and links on this page for you.

We expect you to have many questions. As such, onboarding coordinators are in place in your faculty/department to assist you with the activities explained in the onboarding checklist items below. If you have yet to hear from your onboarding coordinator, you can expect to hear from one once your appointment is entered in the HR system.

If you have questions about any of the information below, please ask your onboarding coordinator, who will be happy to help and/or direct your questions to the appropriate person.

Working with your Manager and onboarding coordinator, please follow the steps outlined below to ensure your first day and those that follow are positive and productive. Not all steps will apply to all MaPS staff; complete only if applicable

Getting Prepared - Before You Start

.This section of the checklist will include information on:  

  • First Things First
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Supporting a Research Project
  • Getting on the Same Page

Once you are on campus, you may first need time to finish the tasks in the Getting Prepared section above. You can then continue with the following onboarding activities detailed in the Getting Started checklist.

Getting Started – On or After Your First Day

.This section of the checklist will include information on:  

  • First Few Days
  • Orientation and Other Initial Training
  • Learn the Basics

Now that you have had time to get familiar with some of the basics, below are more every day and annual processes that you may need to know to be successful in your new job.

Getting to Productivity - First Few Months

.This section of the checklist will include information on:    

  • Managing Budgets
  • Managing People
  • Purchasing
  • Management Training Opportunities

You may also download and print this short, paper-based version of the more detailed checklist. 

Download Condensed Checklist