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Student Appeals

The appeals process can be stressful and confusing. Please note below the links to the academic appeals processes as found in the Calendar. All faculties adhere to these regulations. Additionally, information on Non-Academic Misconduct appeals is also included.

Non-Disciplinary Academic Appeals

The Academic Regulations provide guidance regarding the process for: grade appeals, the requirement to withdraw from a faculty for academic reasons, the denial of continued registration, the denial of the right to graduate, and specific requirements by the faculty for completion of a degree/course of study.

Disciplinary Academic Appeals

The Academic Regulations provide guidance regarding the appeal process for a student who: is assessed an “F” grade for disciplinary reasons, placed on probation, or suspended or expelled from a faculty.

Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides detailed information regarding appeals for students in graduate programs.

General Faculties Council (GFC)

After all avenues of appeal within a faculty have been exhausted, a student may submit an appeal to the GFC Student Academic Appeals Committee.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors Student Discipline Appeal Committee only considers discipline appeals and does not have jurisdiction to act as an appellate body in any other matter.

Non-Academic Misconduct

The Student Conduct Office provides information regarding the Non-Academic Misconduct procedure and processes, as well as information regarding the appeal process.