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Access Copyright Letter of Intent

UToday HomeMay 16, 2012

To the Members of the University Community,

The Copyright Committee of the University of Calgary and I would like to thank you for your input into the university’s decision about the model licence agreement as negotiated between the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and Access Copyright.

May 15 was the deadline to sign a letter of intent with Access Copyright about the model licence agreement. The letter of intent does not bind the University of Calgary to sign the licence agreement by June 30. It is meant to secure the opportunity for the university to take advantage of the best discounts offered by Access Copyright for a licence covering the “retroactive period” from January 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012.

The Copyright Committee and I would like to inform you that the University of Calgary has signed a letter of intent with Access Copyright. The university fully intends to use the period between May 15 and June 30 to continue its due diligence and explore the great suggestions brought forward by the campus community since the town hall meeting on May 9.

As part of our due diligence, the university will be conducting a study between May 15 and June 20 of print and digital titles used by the campus community. The objective of the study is to determine how much of the material used by the campus community over the past academic year is currently in the Access Copyright repertoire and/or covered by the additional licence agreements the university purchases, and how much is on the Access Copyright exclusions list.

The university will be closely monitoring the third reading and debate on Bill C-11 that has begun in Parliament. This bill proposes amendments to the Copyright Act, and it is anticipated that this legislation may be passed before June 22. The Copyright Committee will take this into consideration as it continues to analyze the model licence agreement.

The university will also continue to monitor the Supreme Court of Canada copyright decisions. If the decisions are favourable to an expanded scope of fair dealing, they may provide greater peace of mind against circumstances of unintentional breach.

Whether or not we choose to sign the model licence agreement, the University of Calgary has much work to do to ensure compliance with the Copyright Act. The university is drafting a copyright policy to guide us in this regard, and will share the draft with the campus community for feedback according to our policy review process.

The University of Calgary strives to provide our students with the best possible learning experience and to support our professors who create the student experience in the classroom. Again, the Copyright Committee and I thank you for your feedback, and we invite you to continue to share your thoughts via We will keep you up to date on new developments.

Dru Marshall
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)