University of Calgary

University of Calgary Statement on Friends of Science

Submitted by tdroden on Thu, 2011-09-15 16:31.

Sept. 15, 2011

In recent days, the University of Calgary has been in media reports in relation to Friends of Science, an independent, third-party organization, and research conducted by a University of Calgary principal investigator with connections to Friends of Science.

In December 2007, University Audit Services was asked to complete a review of the research accounts following concerns about whether the university was used as a conduit in funding Friends of Science. The audit was initiated after the University of Calgary closed the accounts and severed its relationship with Friends of Science. The auditor issued a series of recommendations which were accepted by the university’s administration at the time.

The University of Calgary recognizes that there was insufficient management and governance oversight and since that time has undertaken a number of comprehensive initiatives to improve business practices, including a significant internal control and business processes review and a Tri-Council Audit.

The University of Calgary implemented the recommendations from the review and audit and is now moving forward with a new internal control and business practice framework. The university’s approach to these important business practices represents its commitment to the highest management standards, and ensures that management and governance processes are in line with those of world class research institutions.

The University of Calgary is confident that these changes, together with a commitment to continuous improvement, accountability and transparency will allow the university to maintain necessary management and governance oversight.

The University of Calgary is a non-partisan, research-intensive academic institution. It respects academic freedom and does not intervene in the individual academic research programs of its professors.