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Heal the zombies, save the humans

Submitted by darmstro on Wed, 2011-05-11 11:19.

New UCQ video game tribute to nursing profession

May 11, 2011

The Nursing Program at the University of Calgary – Qatar (UCQ) is celebrating National Nursing Week (May 9 – 15) and International Nurses Day (May 12) with zombies. Nurses Against Zombieism, an on-line video game created by the UCQ Faculty of Nursing and Structured Abstraction, is a fun tribute to the life saving profession.

This unique on-line game requires the keen decision-making skills of nurses to save the world from a zombie apocalypse. Nurses Against Zombieism requires players to heal marauding zombies rather than using traditional zombie-fighting tools.

“It’s a twist on the traditional zombie mythology” says spokesperson Jenny Conway Fisher, who was the project lead from UCQ. “Creating nurse-hero characters that fight evil by healing instead of killing is a genuinely new idea, and one that we hope increases interest in the nursing profession both in Qatar and around the world.”

“The reason for creating a video game is not just educational or message driven, but to stimulate interest in nursing with a fresh and entertaining approach,” says UCQ Dean & CEO, Dr. Carolyn Byrne.

“Nursing is a truly diverse profession; today’s nurses are accomplished scientists, health administrators, researchers and clinical professionals.  And yet there are lingering negative stereotypes about nursing that persist all over the world. We are working to combat those stereotypes using fresh and innovative ideas.”

Players are nurses in a triage unit dealing with the results of a mysterious disaster. The nurses must save the humans by admitting them to the hospital, which prevents them from being bitten and infected by the zombies. Simultaneously, they have to wrangle the zombies into a de-zombification station that cures them. 

“The game is meant to be fun and a little bit silly, yet challenging enough to hint at the real-life skills that nurses possess,” says Byrne.  “We want it to be a tribute to nurses and increase public awareness that nurses are heroic, lightning-fast decision makers as well as caring healers.”

“In real life, nurses do exciting work that is critical to a healthy society, we just took it to the next level and added zombies to the equation. If anybody could save us from a zombie attack, it would be a nurse!”

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