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Aboriginal Student Access Program (ASAP)

The University of Calgary offers a transition-year program for Aboriginal students. This program offers first-year university classes and additional support services.


The ASAP program is a transition-year program that provides an opportunity for students, who are not fully admissible to faculties, to take university level credit courses designed to improve academic success and gain access to faculty based programs.

The program consists of first-year university classes, as well as supports such as advising, cultural support, peer support and tutorials. Concurrent upgrading/UCEP classes may be taken through UCalgary Continuing Education (or other upgrading/university and college entrance programs [UCEP] programs) in conjunction with ASAP university classes. This full-time university program qualifies for student loans as well as other sources of funding.

Contact info

  • Cate Hanington
  • Aboriginal Student Access Program Coordinator 
  • 403-220-5975

Core Courses

While in the ASAP, students can take up to four university classes per semester. Classes will normally be a combination of the ASAP core classes combined with selected options based on a student’s target program. Students are also able to take an upgrading class concurrent with their university classes, if required. The ASAP offers the following first-year university level core classes:


  • ACWR 201 - Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences I
  • INDG 201 - Introduction to Indigenous Studies
  • UNIV 205 - Learning Beyond High School: Theories and Practices

* In addition, students may choose one option or one upgrading class


  • ACWR 203 - Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences II
  • ENGL 201 - Approaches to Literature

*In addition, students may choose two more options or one option and one upgrading class/UCEP

Who is it for?

ASAP is designed for Aboriginal students moving from high school, upgrading or university and college entrance programs (UCEP) to post-secondary degree programs. It is also for returning post-secondary students who may have taken a break in their studies.

The program provides students a foundation of first-year university classes and supports, as well as assisting them in the selection of post-secondary courses relevant to their target degree programs. Once students complete a minimum of one and a maximum of four semesters in the ASAP, they can apply to a post-secondary degree program. Courses they have taken in the ASAP will apply toward credit in their degree programs.

Admission Requirements

The ASAP is designed for students of Aboriginal identity (First Nations, Métis and Inuit). Students should have a minimum of Grade 12 English (Alberta Education English 30-1 or equivalent) with a 65% or better. Students need to provide transcripts from high school, upgrading and other post-secondary programs. An intake interview is conducted to determine student goals, to ensure prerequisites will be met for their target programs, and to conduct some preliminary assessment.


Students who need to complete fewer than three upgrading and/or high school equivalency courses are able to take these in conjunction with ASAP classes. These may be taken as UCEP through the University of Calgary’s Continuing Education, Mount Royal University or SAIT, or as upgrading courses through Bow Valley College, Chinook Learning, or Sunchild E-Learning.