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STEP 1: Starting Your Own Business

Submitted by chrsttl on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 1:57pm

Is Entrepreneurship for me?

Self-Employment Guidebook. This book, written by the Alberta Government, is for anyone who is considering self-employment. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment, and the kinds of self-employment options that are available to you. You can also assess the impact of self-employment in your life, and connect to further resources.

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is more than just running a small business, it's an attitude and a lifestyle. Watch this Futurpreneur Canada video to hear from entrepreneurs in Manitoba who took that first important step. 


Entrepreneurship Guidebook. Complete this exercise, developed by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, to help you assess whether or not you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur, if you are ready for entrepreneurship, if you are ready to finance your business, and more.

Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment. Take a few minutes to fill out this free questionnaire from BDC and measure your entrepreneurial potential. See how your personal motivation, aptitude, and attitude measures up to other entrepreneurs.

Researching Your Business. You have a business idea but you are not sure if it is worth pursuing. Learn from Business Link the things you need to consider before moving ahead. 

Starting Your Business

Innovator’s Toolkit Series . This Innovate Calgary six-part series is for technology entrepreneurs and companies focused on the most effective best practices for company development. From uncovering financing options to capturing your market, it is designed to provide innovators with valuable insight from entrepreneurs, executives and mentors. Innovators engaging the series will also have access to a program of continued coaching and mentoring. *Fees apply, connect with to ask about rebates*

TECHSTEP This is an interactive, beginner-friendly workshop from the Chic Geek that covers technical subjects that small business owners, freelancers, designers, and new developers need to know. 

Mind Your Own Business Ready to make your business a reality? Download this free three-part video series from Business Link. You'll learn the basics of developing a business plan, conducting market research, and financing options to fund your start-up.

How to Build a Start-up In this Udacity course you will learn the key steps needed to build a successful start-up, including how to quickly test and validate your ideas with customers. 

Entrepreneurship 101 MaRS’ Entrepreneurship 101 (E101) online course helps you learn how to create opportunities, find smart creative solutions, and move fast to stay ahead of the marketplace.

Workshops, Events & Resources

UCalgary ENTI 781 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship An experience-based course for UCalgary graduate students covering the prestart-up stage of business development through group projects and case studies designed to provide experience-based skill development in creativity, idea generation, and feasibility analysis. This section of ENTI 781 has been designed specifically for graduate students with no formal training in business. *Connect with to ask about tuition rebates*

UCalgary ENTI 785 - Venture Creation This course engages graduate student teams in the development of a new venture. Students are expected to have a compelling market opportunity or problem to be accepted into this course (which may or may not be related to work completed in ENTI 781). This course is open to students in the MBA Program and other graduate programs (Masters and PhD) at the University of Calgary. *Connect with to ask about tuition rebates*

UCalgary Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation The Hunter Centre teaches students to develop the skills to recognize opportunities, embrace challenges and extend Calgary’s entrepreneurial “can-do” spirit while also providing the foundations critical to starting a business.

Discovering the Entrepreneur Within workshop This Mitacs workshop is held at UCalgary about once per year. It will present the resources available in the current Canadian entrepreneurial landscape, including funding sources. You will learn how to create a sound business plan and deliver a successful pitch, learn from success stories, and practice developing and delivering a pitch.

Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship? This interactive two-hour workshop, hosted by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, will provide you with all the information you need to decide if entrepreneurship is for you. Check out the aWe event listings to find out when the next workshop is being held.

Futurpreneur Canada Workshop Series  Register as a student with Futurpreneur Canada and take part in their free three-part workshop series where you’ll learn the basics of entrepreneurship, how to plan your business, and prepare for marketing and cash flow.

GoForth Institute – Small Business Resources Make use of a variety of resources including getting started guides, templates and checklists, business calculators, an entrepreneur library, and other essential links.

GoForth Institute – Build a Successful Small Business This site will provide you with one year unlimited access to an online video library of over 100 essential small business topics in one convenient place. *Fees apply*

BizStart Video Series Whether you need help on your business plan, not sure what business structure is best for you, or could use a hand with getting your books in order, the BizStart Video Series has you covered. *Fees may apply*

Checklists and Guides for Starting a Business Access these Canada Business Network guides and checklists for starting different types of businesses.