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STEP 3: Growing Your Own Business

Submitted by chrsttl on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 2:05pm

Marketing & Branding

Market Research and Branding Watch this Futurpreneur Canada video to understand who your customer is and what they want. Learn how to conduct research to identify your ideal customer and the importance of developing a brand.

The 4 Ps of Marketing Your marketing mix of price, product, promotion, and place are key elements in your marketing strategy. Learn from this Futurpreneur Canada video how to ask the right questions about the 4 Ps and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Marketing Strategies There are many ways to market your business, but you don’t need to use them all. Learn from this Futurpreneur Canada video about the pros and cons of marketing activities and how to reach your customer faster.

Financing & Sales

How to Create a Leaner, More Profitable Business Watch this BDC on-demand webinar to learn how to boost profits and productivity with a leaner operation.

Watch the Futurpreneur Canada video series below for more financing and sales tips:

Start-up Financing. Translating your business from an idea into a reality often requires financing. Learn about the important factors to consider when determining your start-up costs and where you can access the financing to launch your business.

Sales Forecasting. Your sales revenue brings in the cash that keeps your business running. Learn the important skill of how to forecast your sales and be confident of your future financial state.

Financial Statements 101: Part A. Understanding concepts and formulas might be scary, but they’re fundamental parts of being successful in business. Learn the basics so you can start interpreting your financial statements.

Financial Statements 101: Part B. The Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow are three vital documents to know inside out. Understand how successful your business is by developing and monitoring these financial statements.

Using Social Media & The Internet

Learn more about using social media and the internet in these BDC on-demand webinars:

How to Succeed with E-commerce. Boost your sales by learning the steps you need to get your business ready for online sales.

How to Leverage the Marketing Power of the Internet. Find out why it is better for small and medium‑sized businesses to focus on smaller‑scale, shorter-term initiatives to succeed with online marketing. Discover the best online marketing strategies for your business, and learn the four key steps to setting up a results-based Internet marketing strategy.


Wayne Henuset Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. The Wayne Henuset Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, held at the University of Calgary, is an ongoing series of interactive dialogues showcasing Calgary’s entrepreneurial leadership. Attend this series to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and to expand your network.

Calgary Chamber of CommerceThe Calgary Chamber has been the city’s main connector of people, ideas and stories for 125 years. As a non-partisan organization they’ve facilitated meetings, debates and gatherings with some of the brightest business and political minds in the city, province and country. The goal of which is to solve business problems, and push the social and political agenda in the way necessary to make our city a better place to do business, regardless of political leanings or affiliations.

NewTech Meetup. Where Calgary’s vibrant start-up, business, academic, and investor communities connect and come together. This Meetup is a chance to network, socialize, and check out new technology over drinks. 

Workshops, Events & Resources

UCalgary Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation The Hunter Centre teaches students to develop the skills to recognize opportunities, embrace challenges and extend Calgary’s entrepreneurial “can-do” spirit while also providing the foundations critical to starting a business.

Futurpreneur Canada Workshop Series Register as a student with Futurpreneur Canada and take part in their free three-part workshop series where you’ll learn the basics of entrepreneurship, how to plan your business, and prepare for marketing and cash flow.

GoForth Institute – Build a Successful Small Business This site will provide you with one-year unlimited access to an online video library of over 100 essential small business topics in one convenient place. *Fees apply*

GoForth Institute – Small Business Resources Make use of a variety of resources including getting started guides, templates and checklists, business calculators, an entrepreneur library, and other essential links.

BizStart Video Series This is the ultimate package deal for the eager entrepreneur! Whether you need help on your business plan, not sure what business structure is best for you, or could use a hand with getting your books in order, we've got you covered.

Checklists and Guides for Starting a Business Access guides and checklists for starting different types of businesses.

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