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University of Calgary Centre for Genome Engineering , Transgenic, ES Cell and Molecular Services

Centre for Genome Engineering

Enabling knowledge of human and animal health through mouse-based investigative medicine

The Centre for Genome Engineering (CGE) supports investigators by delivering a COMPREHENSIVE TURN-KEY SERVICE.  Our facility incorporates all of the necessary tools to create, analyze and cryopreserve transgenic mice. These services are offered on a partially subsidized cost-recovery basis.

The development of genetically engineered mouse models using transgenic and embryonic stem cell technologies has been a cornerstone of key scientific discoveries for over 30 years, but available only to elite groups. Increasingly the techniques are becoming more broadly applicable and essential for routine inquiry.  One significant barrier to many researchers wanting to utilize this technology is their lack of expertise in molecular biology, an essential component to the generation of novel mouse models.

Our turn-key facility has the ability to fully support the needs of researchers, including those with limited experience.  Through our in-house expertise, we offer a full spectrum operation to help scientists with developing unique models.

Our goal is to bring the construction and use of transgenic animals within the reach of all investigators regardless of their specific training. The Centre for Mouse Genomics has the distinct advantage over other labs in Canada that places our investigators in a unique position to advance their research and become global leaders in their fields. 

The CGE is comprised of three integrated components: Embryonic Stem Cell, Transgenic Mouse and a newly created Molecular Biology Core.  These combined facilities provide an enhanced, comprehensive and coordinated means for investigators to effectively generate, study and archive genetically engineered mouse models.  The CGE is overseen by a scientific directorship led by Dr. Derrick Rancourt and Dr. Frank Jirik.

Our technologies include: BAC recombineering, embryonic stem cell (ESC) gene targeting, targeting nucleases, BAC transgenics, gene knockouts, knock-ins, and conditionals, embryo and sperm cryopreservation, custom ESC and iPSC generation.