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Labware washing is offered between 8:30am and 4pm.
Washing is done as orders arrive and is usually completed within one hour. Orders arriving after 3pm will be completed the next business day. We request that completed orders be picked up within 48 hours.

Items are washed in automatic washers with Leverclean
(potassium hydroxide) soft metal detergent. The wash is followed by three (detergent free) rinse cycles. A final rinse with reverse osmosis water completes the cycle and leaves the items free of mineral and detergent deposits. *Detergent free wash is available upon request.

We recommend that labs rinse out glassware before it is sent to us, and before whatever residue is left dries out. This helps to avoid difficult to remove deposits and minimizes the chance that toxic or corrosive chemical residues remain to injure the staff.

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