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Sterilization & Disposal


Biohazard waste is accepted between 8:30am and 4pm.
All bags must be dropped off inside CSS in the marked drop off area and placed inside the plastic trays provided.

Autoclave bags must be 62x76cm or smaller and filled to a maximum of 2/3 capacity. Bags must be clear (see through) and must be free of biohazard symbols or written warnings. Bags must be loosly closed with autoclave tape to allow for steam penetration and for verification of sterilization. Every bag must also have a CSS tag attached to it. Tags are available through CSS and will be the only method of identification accepted.

Liquids must be contained in solid walled containers, covered, and placed on the cart provided.

To view a complete printable version of standard operating procedures for CSS waste disposal click here.

Example of properly packaged Biohazard Waste for Disposal