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The University of Calgary portal site will be closing for this academic year as of November 20, 2015 at 3 pm MST. The exceptions are Orthopedic Surgery and Forensic Pathology which will remain open during our blackout period of February 15 - April 10, 2016.

If you are emailing about an elective in the new academic year (April 11, 2016 - February 12, 2017), please email as of February 1, 2016 at 8am MST. Any emails received before then on February 1 will be deleted. 

To view elective descriptions, click here.

To apply:

  1. Email for the contact email for your preferred elective.
  2. Visiting Electives Coordinator will supply this information so that the student can communicate directly with the relevant department placement contact to request an elective.
  3. Once elective is confirmed by the department with an email confirmation, students will then apply via the portal. Students will be required to upload the confirmation email as one of the required documents.
  4. The Visiting Electives Coordinator will then review applications (only ones which have department confirmation) and send out the placement request via the portal for official confirmation of the elective.

The University of Calgary has transitioned to use of the  AFMC Student Portal to process visiting elective applications. For more information about applying for elective opportunities, policies as well as student requirements, please click on the AFMC link which will direct you to the University of Calgary institution profile on the portal.

Please Note:

  • Electives MUST be applied for no later than 10 weeks prior to the start date and no earlier than 7 months (30 weeks) for any specific elective. 
  • All required documents must be submitted by the clerk at the time of application for elective via the portal. Thus please download and complete the University of Calgary Immunization form prior to applying for electives in Calgary.
  • Students are NOT permitted to contact preceptors/departments/placement contacts without prior approval from the Visiting Elective Coordinator. 
  • All communication must be via email, any phone calls inquiries will be redirected to email.
  • Any requests for cancellation of an elective must be made prior to the EIGHT (8) week cancellation deadline. Cancellation requests MUST be submitted via the AFMC Student Portal; students MUST provide a detailed rationale for the request for the cancellation at that time. 
  • We request that electives are cancelled as early as possible to allow the departments enough time to fill cancelled spots with students who may be on their waiting lists. As per the National Electives Policy, if a student cancels an elective less than eight weeks prior to the start date, the home school will be notified in writing. Cancelling an elective at this point is deemed unprofessional. 

You can reach the Visiting Electives Program Coordinator via email at Failure to follow any posted policies can be considered as a professionalism issue.

 International Students

The University of Calgary only accepts students from Canadian & LCME ( accredited medical schools. Students from all other universities are NOT eligible for electives in Calgary. The only pathway for accredited medical training in Alberta is through the University of Calgary or University of Alberta undergraduate programs.  If you are not eligible you may still find an opportunity for a hands-off shadowing/observership experience with Alberta Health Services:  Job Shadowing is subject to the requirements of the Alberta Health Services' Job Shadowing Policy.

This experience would not be registered nor recognized training by the UME program at the University of Calgary.

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