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National Ranking & Outcome Measures

Measures of Performance/Outcomes

At the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, several outcome measures are collected and reviewed annually as part of our quality assurance program.


Satisfaction/Quality of Medical Education

Each year the graduating students complete the Canadian Graduate Questionnaire which provides results at both the individual school and national levels. This allows us to examine how our students respond in relation to their peers at medical schools across Canada. These data provided by the graduating Class of 2016 reveal that most (>96%) of the respondents who completed their medical training at the University of Calgary rated the experience highly (Good, Very Good, Excellent), as did their peers who were training elsewhere across Canada.



Medical Council of Canada Licensing Examination

Each Spring the graduating class writes the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part 1 before beginning residency. The results for the past 10 years are depicted below. The overall pass rate of the 2016 class was 95% while the pass rate of all Canadian medical school graduates who wrote the exam for the first time was 97%.  In 2015, the MCC introduced a new scale and passing score.

Success in the Residency Match

In the final year students from all medical schools across Canada compete for residency positions. The results of the 2016 match of Canadian graduates show that 91.3% of our students who matched in the first iteration were successful in matching to their first choice discipline.



Career Choice of Graduates

162 students in the 2016 match (1st & 2nd iteration) were successful in securing a residency position across 24 different specialty training programs. The most popular residency disciplines were Family Medicine (64), Internal Medicine (17), and Psychiatry (11).


Performance in Residency

The Cumming School of Medicine monitors the residency performance of the graduates. We ask directors of residency programs where our graduates are training to complete a brief assessment of the graduates’ performance at the end of year 1 (PGY1). Depicted below are the results for the Class of 2015. Approximately half (52%) of the graduates were rated by program directors as “stronger than most” residents typically in their program.




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