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MMI Tips

Interview Tips

TIP #1: Dress professionally. It's pretty simple: dress business-like and be well groomed.  Remember that appearance is the first impression your interviewer will get of you!

TIP #2: Check out the University of Calgary Website. The admissions website contains all of the important information you need to know about our interview process.

TIP #3: Remember to eat. When we're nervous, we can get hungry or faint at the most inopportune times. Remember to eat well before you come to your interview. Eating will also help your concentration and keep you on your game!

TIP #4: Smile. Nerves can sometimes get in the way of letting interviewers see how happy you are to be at your med school interview. Cover up that look of panic with a smile!

TIP #5: Be yourself. You got yourself to this interview - now show your interviewer what you've got! Don't forget the reasons you are here!

What to expect…

The Verbal MMI

You will be put in groups into a long hallway with multiple doors on either side. On each door
will be a write-up explaining what is to be done at each station; you will start positioned in front
of one door. You will be given a specified amount of time both to prepare for and to execute the

You are given paper and a pencil to write down your thoughts. You can bring this paper with
you into the interview room.

Remember to shake the interviewers hand and introduce yourself. And don’t forget to smile!


You will hear all about the U of C Medical program, have an opportunity to ask questions of
staff and students, and be given the option to take a tour of the facilities!