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Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

MMI Session

Click here to see Dr. Walker MMI podcast from February 2014.   This presentation will show sample MMI videos, offer some insight into how the MMI is scored, as well as provide some advice on how to maximize your performance and ask the medical students present to take part in the discussion.   

When and Where?

Interviews will be held on February 18, 19, 25, 2017 for the Class of 2020  in the Health Sciences Centre. The MMI is an exciting, full day experience that includes Ten (09) MMI interviews, meetings with medical students, faculty, and snacks during breaks.  Please click here for a map with the location of the HSC building. Parking is available in Lot 6.

Health Sciences Centre
3330 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary AB T2N 4N1


Multiple Mini Interview General Information

We will divide you into groups.  Each group is numbered and it is important that you remain with your group throughout the entire day as interviews are carefully timed.  Arrive on time but not too far in advance to avoid confusion on this very busy day.  Please remember, you must bring photo ID to be admitted to the MMI. 

When you arrive at registration present your ID and we will simply check your name off the list, provide you with your name tag, have you sign the consent forms and introduce you to your team leaders who will guide your group through the MMI day.

In addition to the MMI, applicants may participate in a 1/2 hour tour of the school and attend a 1/2 hour presentation with a video created by the first year students of UofC MD program.  During the presentation you will have a chance to meet the  Director of Admissions and ask questions about the program.

Applicants invited for interview may review sample MMI questions prior to the interview date. Please click here to access the sample MMI questions. 

It is important to be aware of these non-cognitive attributes when preparing for the MMI. Practicing medicine is a moral undertaking; our admission process at the University of Calgary aims to admit students: 

  • Who will in their behaviors reflect the following attributes:
    • Altruism
    • Compassion
    • Empathy
    • Integrity


  • Who will in their professional relationships:
    • Be trustworthy and honest
    • Demonstrate respect for others
    • Maintain confidences
    • Be self-directed learners
    • Be willing to self-assess
    • Be willing to work hard
    • Communicate effectively


  • The University of Calgary aims to admit students who will:
    • Demonstrate ability to manage time
    • Demonstrate ability to tolerate ambiguity
    • Demonstrate ability to tolerate stress
    • Demonstrate good judgment
    • Demonstrate enthusiasm for their work
    • Pay attention to detail
    • Recognize and respect the roles of other healthcare disciplines