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Shadowing Experiences (Preclerkship Only - Year 1 & 2)

Students may chose to use their independent study time or other free time to join physician preceptors in a variety of clinical settings. Please see the Shadowing Policy here under S.

This activity is defined as shadowing if it is outside of formal curriculum activities, and is initiated by the individual student.  The Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program is supportive of this activity and recognizes the value to students.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have set up a shadowing experience, immunization records, police checks & vulnerable sector searches are done on admission for all students and do not need to be repeated for shadowing or clinical rotations.  

If you are requested to provide this information, please let the appropriate Assistant Dean in UME know immediately so that we can follow up.

Although this activity is not part of the formal curriculum, UME requires that the policy is followed . In additon: 

    • Students are responsible for contacting preceptors and scheduling of sessions. 
    • Preceptor and student participation is voluntary.
    • Once you have found a preceptor, you are required to log your shadowing in OSLER  under the "More Tab" you will see a add "Shadowing Request Preclerkship only" option. 
    • Students must have all immunization records complete and submitted to the UME before undertaking clinical activities, including shadowing. 
    • At all times, students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct.  Additionally, as in all educational settings, faculty and students are expected to follow the Professional Standards for Faculty Members and Learners in the Cumming of Medicine at the University of Calgary.  These standards are available on the Cumming School of Medicine website or from the Office of Equity and Teacher-Learner Relations. 
    • Students are to be directly supervised by their physician preceptor at all times. 
    • No evaluations are collected by the UME office.  However, unprofessional behavior may be reported to the Associate Dean, UME. 
    • As in all clinical settings, students must wear their ID badges, white coats and professional attire. 
    • Students shadowing out of province may do so. It is required that you obtain a Liability, Enrollment and Good Standing Letter.    Please contact UME Reception to have the letter created for your shadowing experience out of province.  This letter should be forwarded to the contact person for your shadowing experience.  
    • Students must use appropriate infection prevention strategies at all times.   Prior to participation in a clinical setting, students must view the information regarding personal protective equipment and hand hygiene available in the shadowing policy.

If an incident does occur, all accidents and safety issues must be reported to Occupational Health and Safety at 403-234-7799.

 Please refer to the attached important information when setting up Shadowing Experiences with the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

                    Shadowing Placement with O & G  

 Shadowing Approval Form for O & G