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Clerkship Lottery Instructions

  Ranking your choices for the ONE45 Clerkship Schedule Lottery

Use the email sent to you from One45 to access your account.

Click on "Clerkship Schedule" in your TO DO list:

Rank the choices on the left:

Save as you go, you are able to make changes up until the deadline.  Even if you are not ready to make your choices, confirming your ability to log into One45 well before the deadline is a worthwhile step to insure you are able to submit your choices prior to the deadline. 

On the left - please select in descending order, your choice.  the top left box represents your number one choice for the match, and each subsequent box your second, third, fourth and so on.  In the above example, One45 will see the student ranked E as their first follow by C as second, B as third, A as fourth and D as fifth.