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The Undergraduate Medical Education program at the University of Calgary is pleased to be operating one of the foremost simulation programs in undergraduate medical education worldwide. The program, still in its infancy, is growing by leaps and bounds. We have two Harveys, which are cardio-pulmonary human simulators. Each Harvey is pre-programmed with 31 clinical presentations and findings, with real heart and lung sounds, pulses and blood pressures. The Harveys also has voice capability. Harvey was developed by the University of Miami and been in widespread use in medical centers since 1970. In 2007, we expanded the program to include a second Harvey simulator.

Both Harvey simulators are incorporated into the UME curriculum. Experiences may include:

  • Hands-on team scenarios in a mock clinical setting, complete with patient monitors (blood pressure, ECG, Chest X-ray, laboratory results) and allied health care staff (e.g. nurse)
  • Full debrief and feedback session with faculty members trained in simulation
  • Small group physical exam sessions with a faculty member and Harvey
  • Independent use of Harvey simulators for training in heart and lung sounds, physical exam skills, clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills. (Note: Students must first be trained on the proper use of Harvey with a professional technician).

In 2009, the program expanded to include two SimMan3G simulators. SimMan3G is a wireless manikin simulator, capable of a wide range of clinical presentations and issues.For details regarding SimMan3G, please refer to the following links: 

  • For a list of all SimMan3G features, please click here
  • For a video depicting thewireless advantage of SimMan3G, please click here

In April 2010, the UME opened the doors to the SimSchemes Centre. With four multi-purpose rooms, the SimSchemes centre will allow wet (e.g. anatomy) simulation as well as dry (e.g. manikin and task trainer) simulation with audio and video capabilities. 

The UME program also has over 50 task-trainer simulators for practicing specific physical exam and investigation skills, such as:

  • Intravenous Injection Training Kit
  • Suturing arms and knot tying boards
  • Spinal lumbar puncture training kit
  • Breast cancer screening model and training model
  • Airway management trainer
  • Prostate Exam
  • Chemonucleolysis and Spinal Injection
  • CPR manikins
  • Birthing Simulation
  • Vaginal examination models
  • Episiotomy & Perineal Repair
  • Foley Catheter simulator
  • Opthalmology Simulator (click here to see more information)
  • Ear simulator (click here to see more information)