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MMI Interview Samples

General MMI Information

The MMI consists of 12 Verbal stations.

Sample questions for the verbal station and general instructions appear below.

Please note: The Admissions office is not able to address questions regarding MMI questions, procedures or review of evaluations associated with interviews. 

Verbal MMI

The verbal MMI consists of 12 stations, each lasting 9 minutes. Of these, two minutes are allocated for you to read the scenario, and 7 minutes to meet with the interviewer. Thus, the total verbal MMI duration is 90-95 minutes.

Each station will present you with a scenario of some sort, and will ask you some kind of behavioural or thought process questions such as “What would you do now?” or “How would you respond?” The question will be posted outside the door. Once you have read the question, you will be told when you may open the door to enter the interview room. You will discuss your response with your examiner, and they will then prompt further discussion using scripted probing questions. The probing questions are set in advance for each station, such that the interview does not turn into an open ended discussion. The scenarios are different on each day, and we do not re-use scenarios from previous years.

We routinely get the feedback that the MMI is significantly less stressful than a traditional interview and that the time “flies by”. While certainly a high stakes environment, most applicants find that they are able to relax by the time they are half way through their first station.

Sample Scenarios- Verbal MMI

We have posted 9 sample questions for your review. Scenarios used in previous years will remain confidential.  Please chick here to view the sample questions.


Sample Video of MMI Interview

Please click for the sample video.