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All Clerks are held to the same evaluation standards, regardless of the location of their clerkship training.  Therefore, UCLIC and Metro students must meet the same learning objectives and successfully complete the same evaluations. Although the UCLIC and Metro evaluations will be identical, the exam-schedule will be different, so as to reflect that the UCLIC is a longitudinal learning experience. The UCLIC exam schedule will be as follows:

1.Students write their first exam at approximately the 12-week point

2.Students write subsequent exams according to the exam schedule provided

3.Students will not be allowed to write more exams than the metro students prior to CaRMS

4.Students will not write more exams than would normally be allowed according to the training timeline (i.e. In order to write Family Medicine (6 weeks), ER (2 weeks), Psychiatry (6 weeks) and O&G (6 weeks) exams, at least 20 weeks of UCLIC must have been completed.)

5.Unsatisfactory students will follow the same post-clerkship remediation and pre-CaRMS/post-CaRMS re-write dates as the metro students, and scheduled by the Office of the UME

 The customized exam schedule , although a departure from the established Calgary-based UME clerkship exam process, is considered the “usual process” for UCLIC students.

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