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Learning objectives are broken down to support academic offerings and clinical goals for preceptors and clerks.  Core documents and other educational resources available online though OSLER.  Objectives are also matched to progress in logbooks. The major and most important part of the learning occurs at the bedside with local preceptors.  This type of learning has been shown to be extremely efficient and effective in teaching principles of medicine.

Academic sessions will be scheduled on Friday afternoons to supplement this teaching.   There are several types of Academic Sessions encountered in UCLIC:

Course 8. Students return to metro twice during their nine month experience to attend a specially designed course 8 which includes key elements, such as standardized patients or simulated cases, which are not easily provided using Adobe Connect. During these sessions, UCLIC students have the opportunity to interact personally with preceptors from the U of C. Students are expected to access other virtual Course 8 sessions as they are available throughout the year.           

UCLIC-led Academic Days. UCLIC academic days will occur on most Fridays. Adobe Connect sessions or videoconferencing, depending on availability and the topic, will be arranged and supervised by preceptors from the U of C.  Students will be responsible for presenting clinical cases during these sessions.  The topic of the presentation will be circulated to all students at least one week before the visit to allow for preparation of all participants so as to improve the quality of the discussion.  This discussion is expected to last approximately 2 hrs.  After this discussion, there will be an opportunity for students to interact with preceptors for individual concerns.

Preceptor-led Academic Days. These sessions are UCLIC-student only (i.e. no metro students) but will have a preceptor selected on specific topics.  On these days the Preceptor will lead the presentation and content. UCLIC students are to bring difficult case examples and/or questions on the topic.  These sessions typically last about an hour.

Metro academic sessions for Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry and Surgery. These sessions are metro-based that UCLIC students may attend via videoconferencing, Adobe Connect or in person as the situation warrants. These sessions are the regular metro academic sessions, which UCLIC students join before returning to metro. Students may attend some of these sessions again on return to metro, though we cannot predict in advance which ones you will attend in January – April. Thus, all sessions are made available before return to metro.               

One other afternoon per week is designated as study time (often Wednesday).  This afternoon may be utilized for personal research and study such as preparing for projects, joining metro sessions, preparing for academic days, researching patients seen, etc.  Each student has access to the core docs of all disciplines, which summarize the  objectives of each discipline and may suggest activities and assignments that should be done prior to the written exam. Students are also given a specific schedule, highlighting all academic events.

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