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University of Calgary Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (UCLIC)

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The UCLIC program at the University of Calgary was conceived through a collaboration of the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta under the leadership of Dr. Doug Myhre and Dr. Jill Konkin in 2006.

The University of Calgary Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (UCLIC), formerly known as the Rural Integrated Community Clerkship (RICC) is a research-based, educational experience that allows students to learn in the continuum of patient care.  It is an alternative to the discipline based clerkship that was started in April 2008 and places students in dyads into established teaching sites outside of Calgary for 36 weeks of clerkship. It is an initiative that increases medical students’ exposure to generalism, rural medicine and, more broadly to continuity of care and working with patients with undifferentiated problems.

The UCLIC is administered as a component of the Undergraduate Medical Education program at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine.

Clerkship goals, objectives and assessment tools are identical to those used in the traditional clerkship program. The additional educational goals of the UCLIC are:

1.To be a patient-centred, community based, pedagogically sound clerkship based in selected rural and regional Alberta communities.

2.To use family medicine as the core of the clerkship experience to provide students with experience in continuity of care, in working with patients with undifferentiated problems, in coordinating care for those with chronic disease, and in other key areas of family medicine and

3.To encourage interested students to pursue generalist careers.

4.To strengthen and enhance the relationships between rural communities and urban tertiary teaching institutions.

5.To further develop distance education strategies, technology and capacity in undergraduate medical education.

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