Mo Shuile Togam Suas  
Volume 25 (1), Spring 2004

Edited by
Ilana Mezhevich and Michael B. Dobrovolsky

The Semantics of the Bare Noun in Turkish

Heather Bliss

University of Calgary


The goal of this paper is to investigate the semantic properties of the bare noun in Turkish. In this paper, the term BARE NOUN refers to a noun phrase that consists only of a noun, without any modifying elements such as determiners, number marking, or case marking. The main argument of this thesis is that the bare noun is unique as compared to all other types of noun phrases in Turkish. As will be illustrated, it is the only NP that is not specified for number, and it is the only NP that is obligatorily non-specific. I hypothesize that the fundamental difference between the bare noun and other NP types is that the maximal projection of the bare noun is a predicate, which is NP, whereas the maximal projection of other phrases is DP (Determiner Phrase).

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